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Mind-blowing reading list from a famous author and motivational speaker
Buy on amazon "The Alchemist " by Paulo Coelho
-Anthony Robbins
The lure of treasure, the advice of a gypsy, and the golden obsession of a king. These eternally alluring themes are woven with mystery and magic throughout Coelho's novel, which features a travel-hungry shepherd boy named Santiago, searching for wealth and the meaning of life. This simply worded book has been added to the favorite lists of Hollywood stars Julia Roberts and Will Smith, as well as the reading list of former President Bill Clinton. Its fame came as a shock to its Brazilian author, who lived the nomadic life of the protagonist across many years and Latin American countries.
Buy on amazon "As a Man Thinketh" by James Allen
- Anthony Robbins
Using many Scriptural quotes and real-life examples, James Allen shows why the thoughts of a man's mind turn into the events in a man's life. Many additions to bestseller book lists (such as The Secret) have used Allen's illustrations on how the inner life of a person can either contribute to health and wealth, or sickness and poverty. Motivational teachers and speakers, from Anthony Robbins to Norman Vincent Peale to Steven Covey, have made use of Allen's principles and examples on the power and nature of noble thoughts and visions.
Buy on amazon "Getting Everything You Can Out of All You've Got" by Jay Abraham
- Anthony Robbins
Success is available using normal means, indicates Jay Abraham. Readers of Russell Conwell's business classic, Acres of Diamonds, will recognize the same principle of looking at the resources in front of you (rather than treasure afar off) to bring wealth. Business leaders from Harvey McKay to Tony Robbins have added Abraham's work to their favorite lists. Businesses from Clear Vision Development to the Personal MBA recommend the book for its tips on increasing a businesses' client list and profitability – and as a way to save on seminar costs.
Buy on amazon "The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology" by Ray Kurzweil
Anthony Robbins said that he has read this book two times and he loves it.
- from interview to CSMonitor
Science fiction books have profited off the concept (and fear) of man versus machine, from HG Wells' futuristic reading list classic (War of the Worlds) to Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles. Man in combination with machines, such as Frederik Pohl's Man Plus, is an achievable goal, according to Ray Kurzweil. He includes scientifically baffling words such as gigaflops and 'probabilistic fractals' (per the New York Times) to make his point that the future will be filled with increased and personalized use of technology that will surpass human intelligence.
Buy on amazon "Pain Free: A Revolutionary Method for Stopping Chronic Pain" by Pete Egoscue
Anthony Robbins
Pain management is both a growing concern, and a growing industry. In this book, Egoscue indicates that it is possible to achieve true health without the shackles of surgery, therapy, or objectionable pharmaceutical methods. Professional sports players should add this book to their reading list, on the basis of Egoscue's expertise with sports injuries alone (such as rotator cuff issues). Office workers can benefit from the helpful instructions on how to stretch your way out of carpal tunnel issues and migraines. Retired workers may be intrigued by the author's methods of mitigating chronic pain issues with knees, hips, and the lower back area.
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