Ernest Hemigway’s list of favorite books

The author of many great novels himself, Hemingway recommends the books he admires.

Sigmund Freud on books that changed him

“The father” of psychoanalysis shares the list of his most favorite books

Nikola Tesla’s favorite books

Genius inventor and engineer discusses the books he enjoys reading

Nassim Taleb’s recommended books

Scholar, statistician and guru of risk-management recommends his favorite novels and the best professional books

Woody Allen recommends what to read next

Some amusing and brilliant fiction books to read

6 books that everyone must read. Paulo Coelho recommends

One of the most popular author suggests inspiring books

Haruki Murakami recommends

5 good books to read. Japanese writer about favorite books

Albert Einstein's 5 favorite books

Good books to read recommended by the scientist

Chris Anderson's book choice

Edidor-in-chief in WIRED talks on favorite business books

David Foster Wallace's book recommendations

An award-winning American novelist, story writer and essayist provides a list of the books worth reading.

5 powerful books Anthony Robbins recommends you

Mind-blowing reading list from a famous author and motivational speaker.

Don Graham's favorite books

Washington Post chairman recommends two bestsellers.

What is on Malcolm Gladwell's bookshelf?

Books that shaped the personality of an outstanding author and scientist


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