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One of the most successful american rapper about his book list
Buy on amazon "The Seat of the Soul" by Gary Zukav
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While our world explodes with the tangibles of law and science and reason, there's a whole other world beyond the five senses, argue Zukav. This metaphysical reading list addition points to the power of the spirit as that which will lead to growth rather than destruction. Those in search of higher knowledge, authenticity, and a companion to their copy of The Tao of Physics may want to peruse this work, if only for its insights into the deep things of the heart. Those who enjoy Oprah's reading lists will be glad to know that the author and his book have both been frequent guests.
Buy on amazon "The Celestine Prophecy" By James Redfield
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Energy, vibrations, and spiritual insights are some of the major themes of Redfield's novel, besides the evolving world-wide understanding of the meaning of life. According to the story line, an ancient Peruvian manuscript has been unearthed, and the human ants scrabbling on the earth's crust can now approach understanding of their purpose. Critics may point to the soaring, poetic prose as 'juvenile' and 'unrealistic'. However, it's a fact that fans of the Celestine nine secrets (including the nature of energy theft and synchronicity) managed to keep this book at the top of the bestseller reading lists of the 1990's.
Buy on amazon "Outliers: The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell
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Also recommended by Charlie Munger
A lifelong fan of the fascinating story of failure, Gladwell, turned his eye to unlikely success stories. Though the Tipping Point may have moved the author on to personal fame and fortune, this book about the hard workers who scrambled their way to the top certainly contributed to Gladwell's inclusion in Time's list of influential people. Beatles fans will be glad that their brilliance is recognized, and those who favor reading lists of Greenwich Village authors should note that it's Gladwell's residence. His own fascinating background, as the child of a math teacher and the great-granddaughter of Jamaican plantation owners, no doubt contributed to the book's assertion that society and environment play a strong role in success.
Buy on amazon "Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable"by Seth Godin
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Godin makes the case that a product's innovative, eye-catching nature can beat any advertising plan ever devised by mass marketing experts. Convenience, overcoming customer complaints, and contrarian leadership are the themes that drive this 'must read' addition to your business book list. Stories that stand out include the comparative rise and fall of Maxwell House versus Starbucks, and why the simple manufacturing switch to easy paint cans exploded Dutch Boys' bottom line. To use some of Godin's expressions, it would be good company policy to separate out your best buyers from the herd of potential customers, and even better to create a wall between the inventors, and those who turn them into a system (“milkers”).
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