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Billionier, philanthropist, mayor of New York City about his favourite reading. 2 awesome books
Buy on amazon "The Honourable Schoolboy: A George Smiley Novel" by John le Carre
- Michael Bloomberg
In the same vein as the Bruce Willis film, The Last Boy Scout, le Carre leads his readers on an adventure about men trying to maintain some higher principles in the face of those without conscience. In this second segment of the George Smiley trilogy, the tension of the Cold War is set against the plodding determination of Smiley the spy. There are battles on the homefront (an unfaithful wife), battles across nations (British intelligence versus the power of the Soviets and West Germany), and Allied attacks of the press (the Americans). Anyone who appreciates the James Bond sagas of Ian Fleming, or the terror of the Bourne Identity, should add this to their reading list.
Buy on amazon "How Will You Measure Your Life?" by Clayton M. Christensen
- Michael Bloomberg
More than just a Harvard Business Review addition to the reading list, Christensen's work is a deeply personal work about the importance of life philosophy...intermingled with business. A great influence on Steve Jobs, and recommended as required reading by the Huffington Post, this would be a good time investment. Business case studies are present, but without the pom-poms and bootstrap mentality of many books encouraging readers to change their lives along with their overwhelming work ethic. The ending chapter on avoiding prison time truly shows the underlying themes of the entire book. It takes a great deal of work to both create something good, enjoy it, and maintain your principles in the face of pressure.
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