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Jeff Bezos' exciting book choice

A pioneer, a visioner, an entrepreneur recommends books he loves

What inspires Salman Khan?

Khan academy's founder named his favorite books during Reddit's AMA

Books that inspire CNN founder Ted Turner

American media legend Ted Turner about his favorite books

Best marketing books according to Seth Godin

Marketing guru's recommendations

Johnny Depp recommends fiction that makes you feel good

Jonny Depp about his favorite fiction

Anthony Hopkins favorite books

The prominent actor recommends books on belief and about people who believe.

Woody Allen recommends what to read next

Some amusing and brilliant fiction books to read

Larry King favorite books

Interviewer №1 about the books that he loves

Warren Buffett's powerful reading list

The greatest investor recommends his favorite books.

History, investing and business. Jamie Dimon recommends

One of the most famous influential and effective businessmen about books that have helped him.

Mark Cuban: 7 books for entrepreneurs

American entrepreneur tells about books that changed him.

6 books that everyone must read. Paulo Coelho recommends

One of the most popular author suggests inspiring books

Mark Zuckerberg' 2 favorite books

Facebook founder, the youngest billionier, one of the most influential people


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