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Ellen DeGeneres's 5 book recommendations

One of America's most popular comedians and TV-hosts speaks about the books that inspire her

Larry Page on books he was influenced by

Internet entrepreneur and co-founder Google recommends the books that stimulate your mind

Pavel Durov’s impressive book choice

Founder of VK and Telegram suggests the books that helped shape his thinking

Joseph Stalin’s recommended reads

The leader of the communist Soviet Union on books that changed him

Marissa Mayer recommends 2 books

CEO of Yahoo shares the business and self-improvement books she is impressed with

Sheryl Sandberg recommends 9 books essential for her

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook talks about some great books that had a tremendous effect on her life and career

Elizabeth Holmes’ recommended reads

Ambitious businesswoman and the CEO of Theranos recommends the books she is fascinated by

Hillary Clinton on books that shaped her mind

One of the most influential American politicians on fiction she has learned a lot from

Favorite books of President Franklin Roosevelt

Best books recommended by the 32nd President of the United States

Fidel Castro on books that he likes

Cuban revolutionary leader about the classics that are dear to him

Mahatma Gandhi: top 8 books that influenced the leader

Prominent Indian political leader talks about the books that made a deep impression on him

Nikola Tesla’s favorite books

Genius inventor and engineer discusses the books he enjoys reading

Marc Andreessen’s favorite business and sci-fi books

Best business and sci-fi books suggested by famous entrepreneur, investor and the creator of Netscape

Books that inspired Nelson Mandela

South African leader and Nobel Laureate on books that helped form his views

Favorite reads of Steven Spielberg

Award-winning director and producer talks about the books he loves


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